Saturday, January 15, 2011

Redneck Car Decal Family!

My sister wanted some car decals for her husband's old pickup, here's what I came up with...Redneck Car Peeps! Aren't they funny?!

I used the Car Decals cartridge for the people and then used the guns from either Old West or Stand and Salute. I used my gypsy to weld them together and to remove some of the smaller cuts in the guns that were too hard to cut, at this small size (using hide contour). For the little boy, I used the boy holding a yo-yo, and then placed a small square over the string on it so that the cricut would cut the square, cutting off the yo-yo.

Here they are in vinyl...

and below are some of my test cuts, using cardstock...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cricut/Anna Griffin Contest Entry...'s a new I thought I'd get back into entering the Cricut contests! They keep me challenged and motivated to try new things.

Jinger Adams, with Provo Craft (Cricut) has a new contest out as part of a new product launch for HSN. For this contest, you needed to make a card using a cricut cut from either Wall Decor, Don Juan or...I don't remember the last one...(because I didn't have it!). And, you had to incorporate an item from the designer Anna Griffin. The winner of this contest will get 2 new products from the launch that day...Provo Crafts new product (which we now know is a mini Yudu machine) and the new product that Anna Griffin is launching.

Here's my card...I've used the monogram font from Wall Decor (and the tag from Gypsy Wanderings) as my cricut cuts and then I used the patterned damask paper and scallop border paper from Anna Griffin. I found the green flowers on clearance in the bridal section of Michaels. I also used ivory and brown ribbons to trim it.

Thanks for looking at my latest creation!