Sunday, February 14, 2010

I finally have my own scrap space!!!!

I have the greatest new scrap's in my dining room! (Formal dining rooms are so overrated!) We've been using the kitchen nook to eat in ever since we remodeled the we were planning to put new carpeting in the living room and dining room, I asked Tom what he thought of giving me the dining room space for my office/scrapbooking area! He thought it was a great idea...! Yippee!!! Once the new carpet was in...we moved the large dining room table into the kitchen nook...and then headed to Ikea!

Here's the new on the pictures to see them larger!

We kept the hutch that matches the table in this space. I have my ribbons, flowers and button jars in it! It's very colorful! Boxes of pictures are on the top.

This piece is from Ikea. In one table leg is my cricut center. The other table leg holds embellishments. The drawer in the middle holds punches and other supplies.

My cricut center...the E is on the top shelf. The middle shelf has my netbook and Gypsy. And the bottom has my cartridges (overlays and handbooks are in photo boxes next my desk).

These are the drawes underneath the table that holds more cricut stuff (gel pen/sharpie holders etc.), punches, my ATG fits in the space on top just below the table (it's so convenient!).
Large flowers in the birdcage and other embellishments.
I LOVE the black spinning rack in the corner between the two desks. I got it at Nearly New from Continental Display! It's this really cool store (warehouse) in Sacramento that sells used display fixtures! I've got so much room to expand on it! The little buckets hanging on it that are holding tools were from the 99 cent store!

Domo sits on my desk in front of the bulletin board. I don't know who Domo is...he just made me smile at the, I brought him home. He's now my creative buddy!

Under the window are two Ikea shelves on their side. A third one is upright next to the desk. These are from the Lack series at Ikea. The shelves hold my printer, tools, projects in process, etc. I have a clip it up at one end (with another metal display from Nearly New next to it). On the other end I have a wire basket that holds new products to play with!

My new product basket...

Next to my space I have an old tv cabinet where I store all my paper. There is so much light in this space with all the windows that I had to have a closed space for my paper.
Here's the cabinet open...papers, paper packs, vinyl, etc. is stored here. I adhered some cork tiles to one door and use them for special brads.

My copics are stored in Journal Mate cases from Creative Memories and sit under my computer monitor.
That's it for my tour of my new scrap space! I hope you liked it!



What a gorgeous room and great furniture!!

shari said...

Sharon, Your space is gorgous!! Have fun scrapping. Shari (cricutrookie)

Scrapaholic said...

Sharon, Your room looks great. I know exactly how you feel to have your own space to create!!!! Great Job!!! Enjoy :)

Andrea Padilla said...

I love your space. Motivates me to finish my scrap room that currently looks like a CRAP room. Thanks for sharing!

Cin said...

I am so jealous of this room..... Really I just think it is so great.

Diane said...

What beautiful room - so organized and with all of that lovely light from the windows. This is a great way to use the formal dining room space - I imagine it is daily use now.

Thanks for showing us and inspiring me to get mine cleaned up!

Jennifer said...

Oh Sharon your room is gorgeous!!! Great website. I've been thinking about digital scrapbooking but have no idea about it. You have inspired me.


Kristina said...

Beautiful room! I also took over our formal dining room as my scrap space. It seemed ridiculous to give that room over to a big table that never got used.